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The Strong Connection Between Zinc and Manliness

Did you know that the most important nutrient on the face of the Earth, as far as men are concerned, is zinc? If you slept through your high school chemistry class (like most of us did), you probably don't know very much about zinc. Well, today is your lucky day, because we're about to teach you everything you need to know - including how much of this essential nutrient you need for optimal health.

What Happens When Men Don't Get Enough Zinc

Basically, as far as manliness goes, zinc is the one nutrient that you cannot live without. Zinc helps create testosterone, build new muscle, gives you bursts of energy, and keeps your prostate healthy. Experiencing a zinc deficiency in your life, no matter what your age, can result in any or all of the following horrible side effects:

  • A zinc deficiency during childhood can result in slow or stunted growth in male children
  • It can hamstring your immune system, making it harder to get over infections and slow down wound healing
  • Too little zinc can lead to a lack of appetite and severe weight loss
  • In extreme cases, it can even lead to hair loss and skin lesions
  • Worst of all, zinc deficiencies are known to cause hypogonadism (that's when your balls shrink) and impotence - especially in older men

Obviously, zinc deficiency is nothing to mess with. If you've noticed any of the above-mentioned symptoms, you should talk to your doctor right away. But keep in mind that not all blood tests for zinc deficiency are 100% accurate. Your test could come back just fine, but you may still be not getting enough zinc from your diet alone. Even if your family doctor insists that you are perfectly healthy, there's nothing wrong with supplementing with zinc - if you do it the right way, that is.

Supplementing With Zinc

Millions of men include zinc as a part of their daily vitamin and supplement regimen. In moderate doses, it can improve physical health (including sexual health) in the male body with no negative side effects. If you go overboard, then yes, you're going to experience some unfortunate symptoms. But by keeping your daily dose under 40 mg (and yes, that includes the food you eat), you can experience some profound benefits.

When you supplement with zinc on a daily basis, you don't just experience health benefits for your reproductive parts, exclusively - your entire body can and will benefit from the extra infusion of zinc. For starters, zinc supplements are great for heart and brain health. It protects your neurons and arteries from a plethora of diseases, whether they be viral, bacterial, or caused by toxic substances. Zinc can also protect your brain from diseases like schizophrenia, epileptic seizures, and substance abuse disorders. Finally, it should be noted that high concentrations of zinc are found in the part of the brain where long-term potentiation (a fancy term for "learning and memory") happens. So, in theory, if these parts of the brain did not have an ample supply of zinc, it would severely affect your ability to learn and remember things.

Of course, the most important thing about zinc is how it improves your sexual health. For starters, zinc is great for keeping your prostate healthy well into old age, in addition to defending this special organ from developing cancer. Furthermore, since zinc is the mineral needed to make testosterone molecules in the first place, it can do everything from improving in the size, strength, and stamina of your erections to helping you build muscle and giving you more energy - especially when you use that energy to last longer in bed. Zinc also helps improve your libido in a way you never would have guessed: by improving your sense of smell. Obviously, the extra testosterone helps rev up your sex drive, too. But being able to smell the pheromones of your partner more acutely will also stimulates your sexual appetite.

Men who want to stay in good health should consume at least 11-15 mg of zinc per day, preferably from the foods they eat. It's more easily absorbed that way. Great sources of zinc include beef, lamb, pork, and chicken. Another fantastic source (although expensive and hard to get unless you live near an ocean) is oysters. If you ever wondered why those slimy, bottom-feeding shellfish were considered an aphrodisiac, it's because they contain more zinc per serving than almost any other food.

But before you go out and purchase the largest zinc supplement you can find, a word of caution: don't take more than 40 mg per day. Like most things in life, the "too much of a good thing" rule also applies when it comes to zinc supplementation. And we know some of you out there are probably thinking to yourselves, "...but how bad can it be to get more than 40 mg of zinc per day, really?" Well, medical science has an answer to that question. Excess zinc intake can result in stomach cramps, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. And there's nothing sexy about that. For your own sake, try to manage your zinc intake so that it stays below the magic number of 40 mg/day in order to reap the maximum benefits without experiencing any negative side effects.

All the Best Male Enhancement Supplements Contain Zinc

If you're currently taking a male enhancement supplement that does not have zinc in it, do yourself a favor: either demand a refund, or throw that mess in the garbage right now. Because no matter what the manufacturer claims is in it, or what they claim it can do for you and your sexual health, they're lying.

There's no such thing as an effective male enhancement supplement that does not contain zinc. Which is why zinc is such a crucial part of the active ingredients list in the Xytomax formula. Zinc, combined with other powerful male enhancement ingredients like yohimbe and maca root, all work hard to give you the most powerful erections, the most enduring sexual stamina, And the best orgasms you've ever had in your life. And don't forget, there's a 90 day money back guarantee. What are you waiting for? Try Xytomax right now.