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Testosterone - The Manly Hormone

Almost every man on the planet knows what testosterone is. It's a hormone. It's produced by the human body. And it is what differentiates a male from a female. In short, it's the most important hormone in your body for making you feel manly.

But beyond that, how much do you really know about testosterone? Do you know how your body makes testosterone? Do you know how to make your body make more testosterone? Are you aware of the benefits of producing more testosterone, and the consequences of not producing enough? By now, we've probably got you thinking. But don't worry - we would never tease you by asking so many questions that we couldn't answer for you. Below, will give you the 411 on testosterone and help you develop a greater understanding for this essential male hormone.

What Exactly Does Testosterone Do?

The official definition of testosterone, according to the dictionary, is "a steroid hormone that stimulates development of male secondary sexual characteristics, produced mainly in the testes and adrenal cortex". These secondary sex characteristics include having bigger muscles, being taller, having more upper body strength, and growing thick patches of body hair in more places than your female counterparts. Furthermore, the presence of testosterone in the womb was the reason you grew testicles and a penis in the first place.

Most men may not know that their testosterone doesn't just come from their balls. The adrenal cortex, mentioned in that definition above, is the outer layer of tissue which makes up your adrenal glands. These glands sit at the top of your kidneys, and are also responsible for producing hormones like cortisol. Although your testicles produce a lot more testosterone than your adrenals, it's important to understand that stress - which can affect your adrenal glands - can cause fluctuations in testosterone. Even minor dips in your testosterone levels can have negative consequences.

Consequences of Low Testosterone

Low testosterone levels, also known as "Low-T", can be a serious health problem for most men. Testosterone levels in men will drop as they get older. There are steps you can take, as an older male, to slow down the decline; but you can't prevent it completely. But older men aren't the only ones who have low-T problems Even younger men may suffer dangerous dips in testosterone production if they aren't following a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Things that cause reduced testosterone production - regardless of age - include:

  • A lack of exercise, especially with regard to weight training
  • Eating unhealthy, processed foods that make your body produce estrogen
  • Low levels of human growth hormone
  • Chronic stress
  • Depression
  • A poor, infrequent, or non-existent sex life

There are some significant and very unpleasant consequences of living with low testosterone. For starters, erectile dysfunction is one of the most obvious signs that your body is in a low-T state. Insufficient testosterone levels can also kill your sex drive, even if your plumbing is still working. Semen volume will decrease, leading to weak and lackluster orgasms. Obviously, this can lead to a drop in fertility, too. Hair loss is another symptom of low testosterone in men, along with a rapid decrease in muscle mass. You will start to grow larger fat deposits in the "feminine" parts of your body (if you don't have them already), leading to things like "man boobs" and an unattractive beer gut. If your low-T condition goes untreated for too long, you may also develop osteoporosis and leave yourself vulnerable to brittle bones and injury.

How to Get More Testosterone

Obviously, the first step to fixing your low testosterone problems is to exercise more. After all, your body was designed to be strong. Men have evolved over thousands of years to be the ones who hunt the big game. Men are the ones who are strong enough to kill it with a spear or a club and drag it back to the village so that nobody starves to death. Mother Nature gave you big, strong muscles for a reason. If you don't use them, you will lose them - and you will lose the ability to produce the testosterone needed to maintain them. The male body naturally produces more testosterone when you weight train and develop bigger, stronger muscles. So hit the weight room, and start lifting!

As we mentioned earlier, eating the wrong foods can lead to a drastic dip in your testosterone levels. On the other side of that coin, not eating the right foods prevents your body from producing as much testosterone as it wants to. Foods that are high in zinc - including red meat, oysters, pork, and chicken - feed your body the building blocks it needs to boost your testosterone levels naturally. While you to focus on putting more testosterone-friendly food into your diet, you also need to eliminate the things that are tricking your body into producing too much estrogen. Those include yams, soy products (like tofu), and anything that comes out of a tin can. Tin cans are often lined with soy to help preserve the contents.

And it isn't just your food that's causing you to produce more estrogen. Certain plastic containers, such as plastic soda/water bottles, cheap tupperware, and those plastic trays you heat up your microwave dinners in will all leech estrogenic compounds into your food and beverages. Obviously, the last thing you want in your body are chemicals that make you produce estrogen. Drinking out of actual glasses, storing your leftovers in non-plastic containers, and cooking more fresh food instead of eating prepackaged processed meals can greatly increase the amount of testosterone your body produces.

Lastly, if you make these healthy changes and your testosterone levels remain low, or if you'd rather notice results sooner than later (while you are making important diet and lifestyle choices, of course), you can try taking a male enhancement supplement. Male enhancement pills like Xytomax, for example, are great for raising your testosterone levels. This special formula contains plenty of zinc, along with other herbs and extracts that encourage your body to produce as much testosterone as possible. And once you get more testosterone in your body, you can enjoy benefits like bigger muscles, more energy, a higher libido, and even better erections. Best of all, it will drastically improve your sex life. So why wait? Try xytomax today.