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The Importance of Prostate Health for Male Enhancement

The prostate is one of the most important organs in the male body - short of the testicles and your member, that is. As you get older, you'll gradually begin to learn more and more about the prostate and how essential it is for male sexual health. We're writing this blog post today for the young and old alike - both those who may not know much (or care) about their prostate due to their youth, as well as older men who are having trouble in that area and want to learn ways they can improve the current state of their prostate.

A Basic Overview of the Prostate

The prostate gets its name from the ancient greek word prostates, which means "protector" or "guardian". It produces and excretes 30% of the fluid which makes up your entire semen volume. It helps contribute to the alkaline state of your semen, protecting it from the acidic nature of the womb in order to facilitate pregnancy. It is surrounded by smooth muscle tissue which contracts upon ejaculation. It sits directly beneath your bladder, and the urethral tube which stretches from the bottom of your bladder through the tip of your penis passes directly through the prostate.

In a healthy man, the prostate is about the size of a walnut. In the late 1960s, medical study of the prostate became so sophisticated that it eventually became segmented into different zones. There's the peripheral zone, which is unfortunately vulnerable to nearly 80% of all known prostate cancers. The central zone surrounds the ejaculatory ducts and is the least vulnerable to prostate cancer; however, those unlucky few who do get cancerous growths in this zone may be dismayed to learn that this is one of the most aggressive forms a prostate cancer. The transition zone is a sector of the prostate which, like your nose and ears, keeps growing larger and larger throughout your life. Finally, the anterior fibromuscular zone is the part of the prostate where most of the muscle tissue resides, helping the prostate expel its fluid and make its contribution to your overall semen volume.

Prostate Health

The Prostate, Testosterone, Cancer, and Aging

Your prostate and your testosterone levels are intrinsically connected. Basically, you can't have a healthy one without healthy levels of the other. Cancer research in recent years has discovered a direct connection between low levels of testosterone and prostate cancer. Specifically, if you have low levels of testosterone and receive a prostate cancer diagnosis, the tumor is more likely to grow faster, metastasize, and shorten your lifespan. Higher testosterone levels, however, can help give you a fighting chance.

Thankfully, statistics around prostate cancer are actually taking a turn for the better. Between 1992 and 2015, there were 234 new cases and 39 deaths per 100,000 persons. In 2015 that number had dropped to 99 new cases and 19 deaths per year per 100,000 persons. Overall, prostate cancer represents 4.8% of all known cancer deaths, which is estimated to total 29,430 by the end of 2018. To put that in context, you are almost five times more likely to die from a stroke or a car accident, and 12 times more likely to die from heart disease than you are from prostate cancer.

Prostate health also affects your fertility. Younger men who lead a relatively healthy lifestyle and have low levels of systemic inflammation generally have the healthiest prostates, which adds to their fertility. They also tend to have higher levels of testosterone and greater levels of libido and sexual endurance, which can certainly help make a baby (whether intentionally or not). Older men, on the other hand, tend to have higher levels of systemic inflammation and lower levels of overall testosterone production. In such cases, a man's fertility can be drastically reduced. Obviously, beyond a certain age, this becomes more of a blessing than a problem. But if you are trying to conceive, regardless of age, your prostate could be a part of the issue.

While we're on the subject of male fertility and the prostate, we'd like to clear up a misconception about vasectomies and prostate cancer which has unfortunately been haunting the realm of "conventional wisdom" since the early 1980s. Contrary to reining theories at the time, there is no statistically significant or robust link between getting a vasectomy and increasing your risk of developing prostate cancer. So if you want that snip, go for it!

Outside of fertility and cancer risk, nearly every man will experience complications from an enlarged prostate at some point during old age. Remember the transition zone we mentioned a minute ago, the one that keeps growing throughout your life? Overtime, this growth can lead to urinary problems which not only make it difficult or uncomfortable to pee, but if left unchecked for too long, it can cause serious bladder and kidney damage. This damage results from the loss of your ability to empty your bladder properly. But with the help of the right doctor, you should be able to get the problem under control. There are medications and minimally invasive surgical options which you may need to consider if you start to develop enlarged prostate symptoms that do not go away on their own.

What Are the Best Male Enhancement Prostate Supplements?

Whether you're concerned about fertility, prostate cancer, or the lower quality of life which comes from an enlarged prostate, the best thing you can do is to give your body what it needs to prevent - if not at the very least to delay - any of these things from happening. With male enhancement supplements like Xytomax, you'll get a healthy dose of natural botanical ingredients which are designed to help boost your testosterone levels. Not only does this have the direct effect of keeping your prostate healthier for longer, but it can help improve your fertility, too.

What's better is that male enhancement supplements aren't just good for your prostate. They're good for your erections, the size of your anatomy, your libido, and having a sex life that you can thoroughly and enthusiastically enjoy. So give yourself and your prostate the gift of male enhancement with Xytomax - after all, it's for your health!