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The Manliest Ways to Make More Testosterone Now

One of the cornerstones of male enhancement is producing as much testosterone as humanly possible. But how do you do that? What are the best ways of manipulating your body into producing more testosterone? And, most importantly, how do you do it safely? For answers to these questions and more, keep reading. We'll tell you everything you need to know about producing as much testosterone as your body can handle.

The Best Natural Ways to Make More Testosterone

If you want to produce more testosterone and enjoy a high quality of life well into your golden years, you're going to have to make sure your testosterone production is as natural as possible. Synthetic steroids may help in the short-term, but they will put your body through the wringer and end up doing more harm than good over the long haul (more on that later). So if you want to produce more testosterone naturally, try making some or all of the following diet and lifestyle changes:

  1. Get Good at picking heavy things up and putting them down. The reason that your muscles are as big and as strong as they are, especially compared to women, is because of testosterone. If you don't use them, you will lose them. But the more you use them, the more testosterone you will produce. Furthermore, you have to be strategic about your weight training regimen. Make sure to alternate high-rep/low-weight and low-rep/high-weight training sessions. You'll also want to utilize as many compound training exercises as you can - don't just focus on one muscle at a time. This helps you engage more muscle tissue in a wider variety of ways, which produces more testosterone.
  2. Get your cortisol in check. Cortisol and testosterone have an inverse relationship to one another. Specifically, that means that if your cortisol is too high, your testosterone will be too low. There are many things you can do both in and out of the gym to help keep your cortisol levels in check. For starters, keep your workouts at about an hour or less. Excessive training will make your body produce more cortisol. Prolonged rest between sets will do the same thing, so stick to about a one-minute rest or less. Also, try not to get too crazy with your calorie deficits while you're trying to lean out. This yet another trigger which causes your body to produce more cortisol.
  3. Learn how to sleep better. Scientific studies show that there is a direct connection between how much sleep you get, and how much testosterone your body can produce. The more quality sleep hours you can catch each night, the higher your testosterone levels will be. Conversely, sleeping less than 5 hours per night can dip your T-levels by as much as 15% or more. And sleeping less than 4 hours per night can leave you dangerously deficient, medically speaking.
  4. Find your best macronutrient ratio. Of course, your specific ratio will depend on other aspects of your lifestyle. It's important to up your fat intake while still eating a moderate amount of carbohydrates if you exercise regularly. This is especially necessary if you perform intense weight-lifting workouts in the gym. Diets that are too low in carbs raise cortisol and deplete testosterone in people who exercise regularly.
  5. Improve your nutritional profile. in addition to getting the right macronutrient ratios for testosterone production, you're going to have to make sure you get a good amount of testosterone producing micronutrients as well. Specifically, you want to focus on zinc, B vitamins, and vitamin D3. Medical experts recommend supplementing with 3,000 IU of Vitamin D per day (it can boost testosterone levels by as much as 25%!). You can also get it naturally by spending more time in the sun.
  6. Cut out the sugar. It's fairly well established these days that the more refined sugar you consume, the more likely you are to be overweight or obese. And the farther you are away from having a lean physique, the lower your testosterone levels will be.
  7. Stop being a fatty, fatty! Speaking of being overweight and/or obese, your body will start to produce too much estrogen and too little testosterone if you can't manage to keep your body fat composition below 15% of total body weight. This is especially true (and also especially hazardous to your health) if you carry the majority of that body fat weight around your abdomen. Abdominal fat causes detrimental irregularities in your endocrine system, which has a disastrous effect on healthy hormone production.

Can You Produce TOO MUCH Testosterone?

It's possible, but extremely rare. Usually it requires a tumor growth or hyperthyroidism to take your testosterone up to dangerous levels. If you follow a healthy diet and exercise routine, it's almost impossible to take your testosterone levels beyond what your body can naturally handle. There's virtually nothing to worry about as long as you focus on doing it naturally.

The only time this comes into question is if you abuse anabolic steroids. These unhealthy synthetic chemicals push your body beyond the natural limits of testosterone production. When this happens, your body tries to protect itself by converting the excess testosterone into estrogen instead. And when you produce excess estrogen in the presence of heightened T-levels, you will receive a horrible mix of both unhealthy signs of excess testosterone (mood swings, problems controlling rage, suicidal thoughts, and more) along with signs of abnormally high estrogen levels (like shrinking testicles and the development of actual breast tissue). But - we feel the need to emphasize again - this won't be a concern with natural testosterone production. When left to its own devices, even if you make diet and lifestyle changes that send your testosterone levels through the roof, your body has a way of regulating its hormones so that you don't experience unhealthy or adverse effects.

We here at Xytomax.net want you to achieve the epitome of male enhancement. In order to do that, you need to naturally coerce your body into producing more testosterone. Our hard work and research has shown that taking Xytomax is one of the best ways to do that. For more information on the male enhancement benefits Xytomax can provide, as well as where you can get your hands on your own supply, click here.

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