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Slaying the Premature Ejaculation Monster

Well, we shouldn't refer to premature ejaculation as a monster, per se. Really, it's more like a goblin - a small, ugly, mischievous little nuisance that wreaks havoc wherever it goes and delights in the frustration and torment of its betters. Unfortunately, for some men out there, premature ejaculation (or "PE" for short) can feel like a big, panic-inducing monster every time it rears its ugly head.

Most men who suffer from chronic PE may not know where it comes from, why it happens, or what they can do about it. But vanquishing the PE goblin is an essential part of cultivating true male enhancement for every man's sex life. If you want to develop the sexual endurance of a beast between the sheets, we'll teach you everything you need to know about premature ejaculation - including how to conquer it!

Premature Ejaculation Frustration

What Does it Mean to "Arrive Early"?

Pop quiz: premature ejaculation is defined as...

  1. Ejaculating within 2 minutes of sexual intercourse
  2. Not lasting as long in bed as you would like to
  3. Not lasting as long in bed as she would like you to

Answer: this was a trick question (we know, that's mean, we're sorry). There is no one universally accepted definition of premature ejaculation. Although, in our humble opinion, B and/or C from the list above would be our best guess if this were a real exam. Unless you have some sort of miracle penis which can make your woman explode with ecstasy after being inside her for less than 2 minutes, conditioning yourself to last longer in bed is a very important skill which you need to learn. And if your male enhancement goals include boosting your sexual stamina so that you can give your lover wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure all night long, then you're definitely in the right place.

What Causes Premature Ejaculation?

The causes of premature ejaculation, like the definition itself, can be fairly ambiguous. We understand that this makes it harder to deal with the disorder. It would be so much easier if there were one simple cause, because then all it would take would be a single, simple solution to fix it. But there are many different ways men can develop premature ejaculation. Sometimes, depending on the individual, your PE woes can even have multiple triggers.

First, there's the physical causes of premature ejaculation. It's unlikely that your partner has the type of magical vagina which can zap away the staying power of even the manliest of men (although if your woman happens to be one of those rare, magical unicorns, then we are both happy and sad for you). The more likely scenario is that there's something going on with your nervous system which makes you hypersensitive to the pleasurable physical sensations of intercourse. This vulnerability to over-excitement will often produce a premature climax.

Secondly, your PE problems could stem from anxious thoughts (which can happen frequently if you don't get enough GABA in your brain). Hell, you may already be jinxing yourself just by reading the words on this page. If a man's brain gets infected with the fear of premature ejaculation, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Anxiety over your bedroom performance in general can also contribute to inadequate sexual stamina. Lastly, your early arrival may even come from sources of anxiety that are completely unrelated to romantic interludes with your lover. Regardless of where your stressors and worries come from, if they are still in your head while you are trying to get intimate, their final destination will be Embarassmentville, population: you.

Vanquishing the PE Goblin

Treating the physical causes of premature ejaculation is typically easier and more straightforward. There are hundreds of different numbing creams, gels, sprays, and other topical treatments which promise to desensitize you long enough to go the distance in the bedroom. Some of these sexual enhancement creams can even increase the size and stiffness of your erection at the same time. We highly recommend you look for such products if your main problem is that the sex you're having just feels too good for you to last as long as you would like. Just try your best to steer clear of all the cheap, inferior topical solutions out there.

Sometimes, if there is no physical cause of premature ejaculation - or if the source of your PE problems is an unfortunate mix of both physical and mental issues - then you're going to have to unbreak your brain in order to improve your sexual stamina. Some men go as far as to start taking antidepressants, but we think that's a little excessive. You can get the same benefits - if not better ones - from taking a high-quality testosterone boosting male enhancement supplement. The more testosterone you produce, the longer you'll be able to last between the sheets. This is a proven fact which has been rigorously established by dozens and dozens of scientific studies. You can also try investing a little bit more time with foreplay so that she gets off more quickly and easily once the both of you are ready to make the beast with two backs. Some men even prefer to take this strategy to the extreme and focus on her pleasure (multiple times, if need be) before they get anywhere near the entrance to her tunnel of love. With this strategy, whatever additional pleasure she gets from your seventh inning stretch is just the cherry on top of the amazing sex sunday you just served her.

No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, and no matter how successful you are at extending your amorous endurance, you're not going to get the best possible results unless you add Xytomax to your plan of attack. It contains several potent and effective male enhancement ingredients which can help relieve the anxiety surrounding early climax, improve the staying power of your erections, and give you the energy boost you need to rock her world until she simply can't take the pleasure anymore. Best of all, it comes with a 90-day guarantee that you will be satisfied or your money back, no questions asked. Take that, PE goblin!