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The secret to Xytomax’s success is its formula. Xytomax contains the most potent herbs for natural male enhancement from around the world. The result: Xytomax’s natural formula goes to work immediately to help men be their best in the bedroom.

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Ingredient Spotlight: Muira Puama

Here at Xytomax.net, we don't just believe in selling high-quality male enhancement products that help men like you improve their health and wellness - we believe in doing it responsibly. And the most responsible, helpful thing you can do for your fellow man is to provide them with an education that can help them be their best. That's why we think it's important to highlight the specific ingredients in the Xytomax formula and explain why exactly we chose these elite botanical compounds and herbal extracts to be a part of the best male enhancement supplement on the market today.

Today's ingredient is: muira puama. You may have already seen it on sale as a solo supplement both online and in a vitamin store near you. You may also find it as a paltry and insufficient addition to many of the inferior male enhancement formulas out there. But we can assure you that only Xytomax has a pure, potent concentration of muira puama extract in sufficient enough quantities to yield the best results. So if you're ready to learn all about what this South American treat can do for your manliness, get comfy and get ready to have your mind blown.

About Muira Puama

If this "potency wood" could speak a language, it would probably be multilingual. Muira puama is classified under the Latin name ptychopetalum olacoides, and hails from the exotic land of the Amazon rainforest. Most of the plants that muira puama extract comes from are shrub-sized, but if left alone for long enough, they can grow tall enough to be classified as 14' high "small" trees, according to most dendrologists. When the routes and the bark of these trees are broken down, the nutritional benefits include long chain fatty acids, coumarin, lupeol, plant sterols, and muirapuamine.

What Muira Puama Can Do for Men

So, you're probably still waiting for an answer to the question: why did we include muira puama in our formula? Well, this section is where we get to the good part. Muira puama has many different useful benefits for the male body, and will be more than happy to explain to you exactly what those are right here and now.

For starters, it's an extremely potent aphrodisiac. Forget about oysters, strawberries, green M&Ms, or whatever other old wives' tales you've heard about foods that are supposed to be aphrodisiacs (although we hear that the oyster thing is true). Muira puama blows all of those out of the water, and then some. This herb has been the go-to solution for a flagging libido which local men have used for centuries in order to remain healthy, virile, and sexually active well into old age.

There's a very real chance that muira puama can have a small but meaningful effect on both sexual stamina and premature ejaculation. For some men, "arriving early" is not so much a physical problem as it is a mental one. It stems from anxiety in the majority of cases. Thankfully, muira puama helps reduce the excess amounts of cortisol which get released when you experience stress and contribute to overwhelming feelings of anxiety. Furthermore, people who take muira puama for reasons other than male enhancement have reported an abundance of energy, sometimes resulting in unwanted insomnia. But if you expend that extra energy in the bedroom with your partner, you'll have no problem sleeping like a baby every single night.

Another tangentially related male health benefit revolves around body composition and cardiovascular health. Muira puama has some strong scientific evidence which suggests that it is a safe, healthy way to lower your bad cholesterol levels while raising HDL levels. On top of that, middle-aged men taking between 50 and 100 mg of muira puama extract on a daily basis have shown drastic increases in lean muscle mass and drops in total body fat In some scientific studies.

Other Common Benefits of Muira Puama

If you're trying to alleviate your sexual health concerns and improve digestion, then muira puama can kill both of those birds with one stone. Many people swear that this herb is a perfect natural solution for stomach upset and other digestive troubles. Furthermore, muira puama is a popular remedy both orally and topically for problems such as joint pain, poliomyelitic paralysis, and other unpleasant forms of muscle spasms.

Interestingly enough, some of the most profound health benefits associated with muira puama are related to brain health. We've already talked about the herb's effect on mental health, but that isn't limited to men only - women can also experience depression and anxiety relief from supplementing with muira puama. Furthermore, there are many studies which show that high-level cognitive processes, such as memory retrieval, are enhanced with muira puama supplementation.

But the brain health benefits go beyond even that. This Amazonian extract contains certain plant compounds, including hemiacetal and ptychonal, which actually encourage your body to grow brand new, healthy neurons. This is due to the fact that these phytochemicals increase the production of nerve growth factor (NGF) in your body. Not only can this stimulation of neuronal growth and regeneration help stave off or delay the development of brain diseases like Alzheimer's, but it can also help alleviate some of the symptoms in patients which are currently suffering from dementia and the like.

The Important Role of Muira Puama in the Xytomax Formula

Although muira puama has a wide variety of uses which are all beneficial to the human body, we here at Xytomax.net were most impressed by its potent and healthful effects on the male body. Between being a powerful aphrodisiac, a potent protector against erectile dysfunction, and its positive effect on healthy hormone balance, we feel that there are few other ingredients on the market today which are as beneficial for male health and wellness as muira puama. If you're ready to see what muira puama, along with all of the other effective ingredients in the Xytomax formula can do, we strongly recommend that you order your supply of Xytomax today!