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Can Healthy Eating Improve Your Sex Life? The Answer Is More Surprising Than You Think

Are you experiencing a slump in your sex life? Or are you just interested in improving upon what you've already got going on? Well, one of the ways to accomplish that goal is to tweak your diet just a little bit. If you add any of the foods below (or increase the amount of these foods that you already eat), you can change your body from the inside out. It'll help balance your hormones, improve your testosterone production, and help you become the manliest man you can be.

What to Eat for Maximum Male Enhancement

If you want to improve the quality of your erections, enhance your stamina between the sheets, or simply rediscover the vitality and energy you had when you were younger, then you're going to have to eat foods that feed your body's desire for male enhancement. The good news is they are pretty common, they're usually not very expensive, and they can give your body everything it needs to maximize your hormone output.

Foods With Healthy Fats & Vitamins

If you want to be the healthiest you can be as a man, you need three things: high testosterone production, good blood flow, and the right balance of micronutrients for optimal health and vitality. You can achieve these goals by increasing the amount of healthy fats and vitamins you get in your diet. Avocados are a great place to start. Not only are they delicious, but they contain B vitamins which increase your energy and endurance levels - both of which are great for the bedroom. Furthermore, the monounsaturated fat content is good for heart health and circulation.

Although it's healthy and delicious to indulge in a rare steak from a grass-fed cow, it's also a good idea to dip your toe in the sea now and then. Salmon is one of the best fish you can eat for male enhancement. It contains a combination of heart-healthy omega-3 fats and amino acids which boost your nitric oxide levels. The more nitric oxide you have in your system, the easier it will be for your blood to flow where and when you need it most. Long story short, the salmon special at your local restaurant can help you get better erections if you eat it often enough.

Furthermore, strawberries aren't just a chocolate dipped aphrodisiac for women or delicious summer fruit for everyone. They're great for helping you achieve your male enhancement goals. Not only will it be compounding the amount of energy-increasing B vitamins you get, but it can also help raise your sperm count and increase your fertility rate (if you're looking for that sort of action, of course).

Foods That Promote Heart Health and Blood Flow

Speaking of foods that are good for heart health and blood flow, how much red meat and/or watermelon do you have in your fridge right now? Obviously, red meat (from, healthy, high quality protein sources of course) fuels your testosterone production, helps your muscles grow bigger and stronger, and tastes amazing. But it also contains the amino acids you need tough pump a healthy supply of l-arginine through your system.

Watermelon sex foodWatermelon helps do the same thing. It contains special plant compounds easily converted into l-arginine by the body. Why the focus on l-arginine, you ask? Well, it has a lot to do with what l-arginine is used for in the body. For the most part, l-arginine helps improve the amount of nitric oxide in your bloodstream. Nitric oxide is a very well-known vasodilator. And if you want to get the hardest, largest, longest-lasting erections your body can achieve, you're going to need all the nitric oxide you can get. This helps to make sure that your anatomy gets plenty of blood flow when you need it most for a fantastic bedroom performance.

One of the best foods you can eat for heart health, especially if you're a man, is garlic. As a matter of fact, ancient Egyptians were particularly fond of using garlic for sexual stamina and potency in men. When you crush, mince, or even slice garlic, it causes a chemical reaction between the natural botanical enzymes which exist in the cloves. They are most effective when eaten raw, but even a garlic supplement or a healthy amount of lightly cooked garlic can provide male enhancement benefits.

Zinc, Zinc, and More Zinc!

Of course, if you want real, safe, natural male enhancement, there is one word you need to remember above all else: zinc. Zinc is one of the most important nutrients a man can put into his body. Zinc is the building block of every single molecule of testosterone your produce. You can't produce happy, healthy sperm - or any sperm at all, for that matter - without zinc. Zinc also helps balance your hormones and keeps them well regulated so that you don't experience things like man boobs, an expanding waistline, lethargy, and low libido. All of those are signs of a hormonal imbalance and/or a zinc deficiency.

The highest natural source of zinc known to man comes from oysters. In fact, this may be why cultures all over the globe consider oysters to be an aphrodisiac. It seems counterintuitive that their salty flavor and slimy texture would put anyone in a lascivious mood, but the high zinc content can definitely feed a man's libido.

Help Your Food Help You With Xytomax

Of course, even if you can fit more of these delicious and man-tritious foods into your diet, it might not be enough to get you where you'd like to be. Or, you could double down on the male enhancement benefits by adding a supplement like Xytomax to your new diet! Xytomax contains a bunch of healthy, natural plant extracts along with zinc and other testosterone building minerals. Over the long haul, whether you take Xytomax by itself, eat a more nutritious diet, or both, you'll experience better erections, more sexual stamina, a higher libido, and you may even see an overall enhancement in the size of your anatomy.