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Enhancing Your Manliness With Maca Root

Ask any male sexual health expert to rattle off the top 10 best natural ingredients that belong in any male enhancement pill, and one of those will undoubtedly be maca root. But what is this mysterious root? Where does it come from? What does it do, exactly, for male sexual health? Well, today our ingredient spotlight is going to shine down on maca root. We'll give you the 411 on this #1 botanical extract for helping you become a manlier man.

Maca Root Origins

The first people who discovered, cultivated, and used maca root for medicinal purposes can be traced back over millennia - specifically, two of them. And that's just recorded history. For all we know, maca may have been around a lot longer than that, but only known to those who didn't know how or didn't care to write down their history. It grows underground and many cultures even cook with it. You can almost think of it as the South American version of a sweet potato.

The scientific name for the plant which the maca root comes from is known as lepidium meyenii. It belongs to a family of herbaceous biennial plants. It grows best in its native land, the Andes Mountains of Peru. It likes to grow at high altitudes, and it especially does well near bodies of water such as Junin Lake. Today, however, it is farmed and cultivated the world over for its many medicinal benefits. It also goes by many names other than maca. Some of these include ayak chichira, maino, and even Peruvian ginseng.

Top Medicinal Uses for Maca

Believe It or Not, despite maca's effectiveness as a male enhancement supplement, it has been used for many other medicinal purposes over the years. Some of those purposes include:

  • Enhanced cognitive function. It's said that maca root has the potential to increase mental focus and cognitive clarity in those who take it on a regular basis. It may even be able to help improve memory and reaction time.
  • Chronic fatigue. In truth, this goes hand-in-hand with enhancing your cognitive abilities. Because when you are awake and alert, you're able to focus better and recall information more quickly. People who are constantly suffering from fatigue also tend to suffer from "brain fog" and other signs of low energy.
  • Livestock farming. Ranchers in South America are no strangers to using maca root as a means to make their herds produce more babies. Luckily for animals, as well as male humans, this root stimulates both sexual desire and fertility.
  • Potent protective antioxidant benefits. Antioxidants are specific plant compounds that come from the foods we eat. They protect against oxidative stress (hence the term "anti-oxidant"), which is a tiny form of stress that happens every moment of every day in every single cell throughout your body. But the more you let oxidative stress build up, the quicker you look and feel your age. That's why people use antioxidants to feel healthier and improve their overall well-being.

How Maca Helps With Male Enhancement

Of course, all of the maca root benefits we've mentioned so far are pretty great - but they are far from all maca can do for you and men like you. If you want to learn about some of the really juicy benefits that you can get from supplementing with maca root, take a look at these:

  • Increased sexual stamina. If you're having trouble lasting in bed as long as you would like to, whether it's due to erectile difficulties, overall fatigue, or anxiety to perform, maca root can help alleviate you of your limited performance woes.
  • Increased Libido. Past a certain age, Men actually begin to lose interest in sex. We know, we didn't believe it either - until we hit that age, and it happened to us. But with maca root, the natural extracts in this tuber reignite that fire deep in your belly which makes you ready for sexual conquest.
  • Erectile dysfunction - or, rather, making ED a thing of your past. Whether you're having problems getting it up because of excess stress, age, plummeting testosterone levels, or some combination thereof, there is plenty of scientific and rhetorical evidence to suggest that maca root can help you solve all of those problems.
  • Stronger, larger, HARDER erections. Taking maca root, especially if you take it in tandem with other male enhancement supplements like yohimbe, has the potential to give you maximum erection quality. Your member will be firmer, it will be larger in size and length, and it will stay that way for as long as you need it to.
  • A larger penis, even when flaccid. Yes, you read that right: maca root has the power to give you a bigger penis overall. Obviously, it won't happen overnight. It's going to take some time. But the more the maca builds up in your system, and the more often you maintain a larger, harder erection thanks to maca, the more the soft tissues of your penis will stretch and grow. Eventually, this growth can and will lead to significant size gains.
  • Improves your ability to impregnate a woman. The medicinal benefits of maca root, in addition to all of its other male enhancement effects, will also improve the potency of your little swimmers. Whether you suffer from slow sperm motility, or simply a low sperm count, get ready to send your little guys into action - or get ready to take precautions if you would prefer not to!

If this article has piqued your curiosity, and you're now interested in finding a maca root supplement for yourself, you won't need to look much further. Taking maca by itself may be tempting, but taking maca root in tandem with other effective, natural male enhancement botanicals is the only way to really guarantee yourself any success. We strongly recommend you start your search by taking a look at Xytomax. it contains maca root, as well as a variety of other botanical extracts and nutrients which are perfect for any man who wants to be more confident, perform better in bed, and achieve optimal physical performance.