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What Is Low Libido? And How Do You Fix It?

Are you suffering from low libido? Well, the solution may be a lot closer than you think. Increasing your desire for sex and your overall sex drive is a male enhancement goal that many men try to achieve. Unfortunately, their efforts don't always yield the results they want. But with our handy guide - and the help of Xytomax, of course - you can tackle your low libido demons and turn yourself back into a ravenous sex monster!

Identifying Low Libido

In order to get to the root of the problem with low libido, it's important to understand exactly what that is. In general, the word "libido" is used to describe the complex range of thoughts, feelings, and emotions which make you think of and desire sex. You know how they say men think about sex every 7 seconds? Well, if you're only thinking about sex every 10 seconds...Or once a day...Or never...You may be experiencing a problem with low libido.

There are a great number of things which can contribute to a man's low libido. As simple as the word "libido" may sound, the mental, physical, and biological processes which help a man enjoy a healthy sex drive are extremely complex. Some common causes of low libido include:

  • Low testosterone levels. Whether you're not exercising enough, taking the wrong medications, or exposing yourself to too many xenoestrogens from plastics, there are many different things which could tank your testosterone levels. Be sure to check with your doctor and find out if you have a problem with low testosterone.
  • Depression and anxiety. Having a healthy sex drive depends on having happy endorphins like GABA, serotonin, and dopamine in ample supply. Emotional stress, depression, and anxiety decimate the supply of endorphins in your brain. This makes it extremely difficult to get in the mood.
  • Poor sleep. Not getting enough quality sleep is terrible for your health in every imaginable way, and your libido is no exception. Pretty much all of your sex hormones are produced while sleeping, but this job won't get done if your sleep cycle is disturbed in any way. Plus, who has the energy for sex when they're dog tired? Not most people.
  • Long-term relationships. Don't get us wrong; we are NOT encouraging you to get a divorce or go on a cheating spree. But you can get a little too comfortable and begin to lose sexual desire after being with the same person for an extended period of time. Thankfully, this problem is easier to solve than as people think.

So how common is low libido? Well, that's a difficult question to answer. Most men are ashamed to talk about it because it goes against the concept of what it means to be "manly". It may also invite shame and public scorn from family, friends, or even co-workers. But despite this dangerous epidemic of silence, it is a lot more common than most people think. For example, 40% of men over the age of 45 have abnormally low levels of testosterone (which, if you remember from 5 seconds ago, is the leading cause of low libido). And those are just the cases that physicians know about. How many men out there go untreated because they're too afraid to even talk to their doctor? That low libido problem - especially for older men - could be much, much higher than 40% of the population.

If Mr. Libido ain't a knockin', then you could have much bigger problems than your bed not a rockin'. It can cause strife in your marriage or whatever serious relationship you're in. Lack of sex can also have unhealthy physiological consequences for the male body, such as an unhealthy drop in testosterone levels. It can also ruin your mood, causing anxiety, stress, or depression; and if you're currently suffering from any of those conditions, it can definitely make them worse.

What Can Be Done About Low Libido?

Low  Libido Xytomax

For starters, you can try and get your mind right. Start by talking to your partner, your friends, trusted family members, or any combination of the above. If that makes you feel uncomfortable, you can try asking your doctor to recommend a good therapist. If your emotional struggles are severe enough to require medication, or if you are currently on antidepressants, do a little research and find out whether that medicine has any sexual side effects. There are dozens of medications which could be secretly killing your libido.

Try to keep things fresh in the bedroom with your partner. Take them on a field trip to the nearest adult toy store and see what the employees recommend. You can easily try using sex toys, costumes, or just plain ol' roleplay to keep it interesting. If those don't work, try consulting a sex therapist (yes, that is a real profession that exists - and it's pretty amazing).

If the problem is testosterone, you can help your body help itself by tweaking your diet and exercise program. And if you don't have a testosterone-boosting diet and exercise program, you should start one! Eating more zinc, vitamin B6, and red meat (the grass-fed, organic kind) will give you all the nutrients you need to produce as much testosterone as your body can handle. Incorporating more weight training into your workouts will also get the testosterone flowing, and the improvements to your physique will make you feel more confident about your body. And who wouldn't be eager to show that off to their partner?

Lastly, get rid of the plastics! Plastic dishes, utensils, and water bottles - especially when heated - can pollute your body with toxic forms of synthetic estrogen. These can wipe out your testosterone levels, effectively killing your libido. And stay away from the TV dinners too. Not only are they lacking in nutrients and full of trans fats, but they're one of the highest sources of toxic estrogen around.

Of course, the solutions above can take some time to kick in and bring your libido back to life - if they work at all. We know a lot of men might be too impatient to wait for that, and we understand completely. That's why the Xytomax formula contains things like maca root, horny goat weed, and zinc to help your body increase its libido naturally and quickly. If you order now, we can ship it to your doorstep in discreet packaging in a matter of days. And it comes with a money-back guarantee, so you don't have anything to lose by taking a chance. Take control of your male enhancement and get your libido back with Xytomax.