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Jack up Your Male Enhancement With Longjack

Have you heard about longjack? It's one of the hottest new male enhancement supplement ingredients in the industry today. Lots of different people are claiming it can do amazing things - but how many of these claims are legitimate, and how many of them are overblown? That is a very good question! And we are going to try and answer it here today. If you're curious about what longjack can do for you and your male enhancement goals, then you've come to the right place. Keep reading to find out whether or not longjack is right for you.

The 101 on Longjack

The technical, nerdy name for longjack is eurycoma longifolia. But it also goes by many other names: some call it tongkat ali, Malaysian ginseng, eurycoma longifolia jack, and of course "Longjack" for short. It is a tall, slender evergreen shrub which sometimes grows large enough to be classified as a tree. It is native to Southeast Asia, and very popular among Malaysian men. Eurycoma longifolia Is a popular type of tea in Malaysia which men claim can improve their virility and sexual prowess. It is so popular these days that efforts are being made to protect the plants from over-cultivation. Otherwise, longjack could be put on the endangered species list within a few short years.

Longjack Male Enhancement Benefits

When it comes to longjack, there are a mix of both tangible and intangible benefits you can get from taking this herb. Let's start by talking about the tangible benefits you can see and touch: your erection! One of the most well-known benefits of longjack supplementation is an improvement in the overall quality of your erection. When you are sexually aroused, you can get harder and larger with longjack than if you were leaving your body to its own devices. Many men report that they can maintain such erections for much longer than they normally would if they didn't supplement at all. And if you have trouble achieving an erection in the first place, you're in luck. Longjack doesn't just help men who can already get it up - it can help those men suffering from erectile dysfunction transform their anatomy into a healthy, functioning part of an active sex life.

Longjack can have a positive influence on testosterone production and fertility improvement. For starters, men who take longjack supplements have been shown to improve their sperm quality and motility. In case you've never had trouble getting a woman pregnant before, having better sperm motility and quality makes it easier for a woman to conceive. Producing more testosterone has a lot to do with that, too. But extra testosterone does so much more for a man's sexual and overall health that many of its benefits are seemingly intangible.

Some of these intangible longjack benefits include enhanced confidence, reduced anxiety, and an elevated sexual appetite. Not only does this aphrodisiac help stimulate sexual desires, it does so even in the face of overwhelming anxiety. If you have erectile dysfunction, and if the cause of it happens to be more mental than physical, taking some longjack on a regular basis can definitely help mitigate that problem. It can even protect you from "arriving early", especially if your PE anxiety makes it more likely to happen.

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Are There Other Health Benefits to Longjack?

The male enhancement benefits associated with longjack are numerous and significant. But it has plenty of other health benefits that have nothing to do with sexual health. For starters, it has been shown to help people combat malaria - which is extremely helpful seeing as how the plant is native to tropical regions where mosquitoes thrive. Longjack also possesses antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. So it isn't just boosting your immune system to combat malaria - I can also help you avoid getting sick, alleviate inflammatory pain, and even protect your cells from oxidative damage.

If you are the athletic type, then you should be especially interested in longjack. That's because studies have shown that the phytochemicals which naturally occur in longjack have the capacity to significantly improve athletic performance. Not only does it confuse your muscles with an overall strength boost, it can also help improve your physical endurance. Obviously, the enhanced endurance has practical applications in the bedroom as well as in the gym. But it just goes to show you the longjack isn't simply a penis pill - it's an excellent ingredient for all over male enhancement.

Does Longjack Have Side Effects?

Based on our research, we couldn't really find any evidence which suggests that longjack is toxic to humans. LD50 studies (experiments which scientists perform on rats to test whether or not a drug can kill people in high doses) show that longjack only becomes toxic when you are taking doses as high as 5,000 mg per kilogram of body weight. Since the average man weighs about 84 kg, you would basically need to eat an entire longjack bush all by yourself in order to come close to getting seriously sick.

There is one reported side effect of longjack that could be a blessing or curse depending on your circumstances: unwanted erections. If you are a younger man or if you are frequently in situations where you can't exactly hide your arousal, this could Become very inconvenient, very quickly. Past a certain age, however, there are a lot of men out there who believe that there's no such thing as an unwanted erection. And if you're one of those guys, then longjack may be right up your alley.

Longjack and Xytomax

After reading about all the male enhancement benefits longjack has to offer, you can probably understand why we have included longjack in our exclusive Xytomax male enhancement formula. It offers a ton of male sexual health benefits that you simply cannot get from supplements which do not contain this amazing Malaysian herb. From boosting your libido to improving your erections and helping you delay a premature climax, it's hard to imagine why you wouldn't want to be taking longjack - even by itself - on a daily basis. But with Xytomax, you can get this and many more potent, effective male enhancement ingredients each and every single day. So what are you waiting for? Take your male enhancement to the next level with longjack and Xytomax today.