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How it works

The secret to Xytomax’s success is its formula. Xytomax contains the most potent herbs for natural male enhancement from around the world. The result: Xytomax’s natural formula goes to work immediately to help men be their best in the bedroom.

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How to Improve Erection Size and Quality

Have your erections seemed smaller lately? Are they not as firm as they used to be, or can you not stay hard for as long as you used to? Have there been nights where you couldn't get an erection at all? We know many men fear the day when their ability to get a rock hard erection at the drop of a hat suddenly drops off. But excellent male enhancement pills like Xytomax can help you achieve erections the likes of which you may never have even seen before.

Anatomy of an Erection

This next section is for those men who maybe fell asleep during anatomy class in high school. It's important to understand the basic components of your penis in order to know what exactly is going on when you become sexually aroused. After all, if you know how erections work, it makes it easier to solve the problem when they suddenly don't. That being said, here are the 101 basics on erectile functionality:

  • Things begin when, thanks to some form of sexual stimulus, your cardiovascular system begins to circulate blood more freely and enthusiastically throughout the body
  • At any given time inside the corpus cavernosa (the major blood vessels of the penis which are responsible for erections), there are certain enzymes which permit blood flow, and certain ones which restrict it. During sexual arousal, the permissive enzymes become more abundant
  • The abundance of these enzymes cause your corpus cavernosa and the lesser blood vessels attached to them to expand, engorging them with blood
  • The more blood that fills these vessels, the larger, stronger, and harder your erections will be; they will also last longer, too
  • Post climax (or sooner, depending on circumstances such as interruption), the enzymes which constrict your penile blood vessels - known as PDE5 enzymes - multiply and start constricting your corpus cavernosa. This helps drain the blood from your penis so that it can once again go flaccid

Although the process sounds simple enough, there are many things that can go wrong. Subsequently, these things can have negative effects on the quality of your erections and your ability to achieve them. Even if you are young and relatively healthy, you are not immune to the health issues which can affect your ability to produce the erections you want.

When Good Wood Goes Soft

Get a better erection

Part of the reason it took so many years for doctors to find a solution to erectile dysfunction is because of how complicated the issue is. There are at least half a dozen different health conditions which can result in inferior erectile quality, and those are just the most common ones. There may be other adverse health circumstances which you won't find in the list below that can also prevent you from achieving the best erection possible. Regardless of whether anything we are about to describe does or does not apply to you, if you have serious concerns about your reproductive health, it's always best to get advice of your doctor first.

  • Age: are you not quite the young buck you used to be? It's okay. Aging is a natural part of life. But some of us age less gracefully than others. Part of that graceless aging process involves losing the ability to achieve the erections of yore. Although it's not necessarily your chronological age that determines your ability to get good erections, there are a collection of symptoms which typically manifest after a certain point in a man's life that can make getting a quality erection more challenging.
  • Low testosterone levels: for example, as men get older, their ability to produce testosterone decreases. There is a direct link between the amount of testosterone you produce, and the quality of the erections you achieve.
  • Erectile dysfunction enzymes: remember those PDE5 enzymes we talked about earlier? Well, medical experts have discovered that they play a major role in erectile dysfunction. When your body loses the ability to reduce the amount of PDE5 enzymes in your body upon sexual arousal, those enzymes linger in the blood vessels of your penis and prevent them from becoming engorged with blood. For drugs like Viagra, eliminating PDE5 enzymes is their main mechanism of action.
  • Peyronie's syndrome - this is a rare but serious disorder of the connective tissues found in the penis. Instead of growing normal, healthy, elastic connective tissue, this tissue becomes stiff and scarred. This can prevent blood from flowing throughout the vessels in your penis, and can even twist and contort your member into a disfigured shape. Unfortunately, there are no male enhancement supplements on the market that can fix this problem; you'll definitely need a doctor's assistance.
  • Stress: sometimes your erectile problems are more mental than physical. It makes sense if you think about it; cortisol is the stress hormone. It is also a hormone that has an inverse relationship to testosterone. So when you're stressed out, you produce less testosterone - and that can seriously hamstring your erectile capacity.
  • Cardiovascular problems: fixing your ticker is the ticket to a better erection. If your heart and your blood vessels aren't helping blood flow into your penis, then you will not be able to get as hard or as erect as you would like to be. Simple as that.

Most of the problems which hinder your ability to get a good erection as you age have fairly simple fixes. Some of them require a doctor's attention, but not all of them. And for the majority of men who don't actually need a prescription, male enhancement supplements like Xytomax are the answer.

Take Back Control of Your Manhood

Xytomax has everything you need in a male enhancement pill to take back control of your manhood and achieve the best erections your body is capable of. It has amino acids which help dilate your blood vessels and specifically direct blood flow into the corpus cavernosa. It also contains natural testosterone boosters as well as libido enhancers in case feeling frisky is also a problem. Furthermore, it contains natural extracts which produce more GABA in the brain, eliminating the stress hormones which tank your testosterone. If you're ready to improve the size and quality of your erections right now, we encourage you to order your supply of Xytomax.