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Be the Best a Man Can Be With Xytomax

A few months ago, Gillette - a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble who specializes in making shaving products for men - released a fairly controversial ad. It introduced their new marketing campaign: "be the best a man can be". It was a dramatic pivot from their previous, 30 year old "the best a man can get" campaign. Lots of men (and even some women!) were mad at the ad because they thought it blamed all of the world's problems on men and men alone. Others believed it was a feminist attempt at emasculating men and stripping them of their natural manliness. Regardless of where the anger came from, rabbles were roused and boycotts were declared.

But the truth behind the controversy is this: neither Gillette nor feminists nor the worst of the worst kind of men who created the #metoo movement truly know what makes a man the best he can be. What makes a man a man - and a good man, at that - is a little complicated. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't discuss it, does it? We certainly don't think so!

Best a man can be

What Does it Mean to "Be a Man", Man?

First and foremost, let's get one thing very clear: from a scientific perspective, being a man is all about having testosterone. But it's not all about testosterone by itself. Here's a dirty little secret: women produce testosterone, too. But a good, strong, healthy male produces hundreds - if not thousands - of times more testosterone per pound than your average woman. Also, keeping your estrogen levels in check and keeping them low is very important for ultimate manliness. That's another dirty little secret: men produce estrogen, too. But it's only when our estrogen production gets out of control that it truly compromises our manliness.

How do you know if you're making enough testosterone? Well, you don't necessarily need expensive lab tests from your doctor to prove it. There are many personality traits which have been directly linked to healthy testosterone levels. Confidence is one of them. Tangentially related to confidence and healthy masculinity is your libido. If you have a healthy libido and the confidence to seek out the sex you want from your partner, that's a pretty good sign you're on the right track. But if you've been having trouble lately keeping up with your partner's sexual appetite, then you may be falling short of your best possible manliness.

Lastly - and we don't have as much scientific proof on this one, but it rang true with our writers and staff - being the master of your own destiny is the absolute pinnacle of manhood. What do we mean by that? A lot of different things, like knowing when to pick your battles, and knowing when to let things go because you'll benefit from it in the long-term. Or being brave enough to ask for the job you want and the raise you deserve after busting your butt and doing excellent work. Or even being strong enough and resourceful enough to take care of the people you care about the most. But it's not enough to know what it means to be a man. What matters most is putting your own feet to the fire and making yourself into the real man you deserve to be.

What Does it Take to Be a "Real Man"?

If you want to look and feel more like a man, there's one simple thing you can do today: start lifting weights. No, we don't expect you to buy the fanciest gym membership you can find and turn into a brainless bro. But lifting weights helps boost your testosterone levels and melt away any fat that may be giving you a curvy, more feminine shape. This is true whether you're in the gym working with a personal trainer or just lifting heavy things around the house. How you do it isn't as important as just getting it done.

But if you get stuck in a boring conversation with a personal trainer, you'll eventually hear him or her say something along the lines of "80% of the work is done in the kitchen". This is a 100% correct statement in the nutritional sense. If you aren't eating right, you aren't going to be able to produce enough testosterone to maintain your male health. Worst of all, eating the wrong foods can disrupt your hormones to the point where you produce dangerous levels of estrogen. You may end up emasculating yourself from the inside out without a proper testosterone-boosting diet rich in red meat, zinc, and a healthy dose of green vegetables.

Once you've done everything you can do to enhance your manliness the way nature intended, you can take it a step further with a high-quality male enhancement supplement like Xytomax. Taking a male enhancement supplement is nothing to be ashamed of. Between pollution and crappy food and sedentary desk jobs, there are strong forces in this world which are chipping away at our inherent manliness. Taking a male enhancement supplement isn't some sign of inferiority or weakness. If anything, it's taking a stand against those forces and taking back control of your own manliness.

Unlock Your True Potential With a Xytomax

There's one thing you absolutely need in your medicine cabinet if you want to be the best a man can be - and no, it isn't any particular razor. It's Xytomax. It has everything you need to naturally raise testosterone levels in ways that diet and exercise cannot accomplish alone. It contains plant extracts which have a mountain of scientific evidence proving their effectiveness. It's perfectly safe, and you don't need to go through the hassle of getting a prescription just to get your hands on some. You can actually start by getting your own supply today. Feel free to keep browsing the site for as long as you want, but once you're really ready to be the best a man can be, we'll be more than happy to get you started with your first Xytomax purchase.